Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Favorite Day!

I love Saturdays!
pancake breakfast!

family worship time!

fishing in the creek!

i really can't get enough of this little one or his dad! :) two of the faces i adore :!

getting really dirty!

dirty little scraped up knees!

.. and the fact that it doesn't bother him at all :)

attempting to kill fish with rocks :)

contemplating on whether to finish this fish and crab off :)

the temptation is too great

... but how can we blame him? he got this love of raw fish from us :)
as if the day couldn't get better ...... sushi!!
chris makes much better sushi than any restaurant i've ever seen!!

i know i don't deserve such joy! but in my heart i know i was made for it :) and I know the best is yet to come! God is so good to us! :)

.... "Its not that I did choose You, for Lord, that could not be; this heart would still refuse You, Had You not chosen me. My heart owns none before You, for Your rich grace I thirst; this knowing, if I love You, You must have loved me first." (Josiah Conder, 1836) 1 John 4:19

crazy! isn't it?!