Thursday, February 17, 2011

And then there was her...

it seems like we couldn't find this sign fast enough :)

I never thought I could love another precious little baby as much as I love my little Noah guy, but the moment I saw her, I was in love :)

She is so completely precious

just perfect

with such a sweet angelic disposition.... she must get that from her daddy :)

my amazing husband. the incredible dad who delivered the baby...

with a little bit of help from our nurse, Thanks, Susan :)

our wonderful parents !

the happy grand dads-- pop pop

and dedah

we think she has long toes like me :)

but a precious face like her daddy

Noah meeting his little sister for the first time...

Noah is having a little bit of trouble adjusting to the new baby in mom and dad's arms....

phrases I have heard a lot in the past two weeks... "all done with eden," "put eden back please" "all done with big brother"
I love you, my sweet precious little boy. You're going to be a great big brother :)

Why Eden Grace? Our hearts were made for Eden, the Garden of God (Ezek 28:13). We were made to live in His presence, to know His glory! but we exchanged His glory for a lie (Rom 1:25). We gave our lives to something less, and received in ourselves the due penalty for our sins: death, destruction, and separation from God (Rom 1:27).. but God being rich in mercy because of the Great LOve with which He loved us, even when we were dead, made us alive in Christ Jesus. for it is by Grace we have been saved!!

...and why Noah Christopher? and he named him Noah saying, God will send a Comforter to save us from the curse (Gen 5:29)... and He did Jesus Christ our cross bearer (Christopher), God made flesh and dwelt among us!! (John 1:14)
So there you have it, my precious Eden Grace :) and little Noah guy :)