Monday, May 23, 2011

have you ever thanked God for your two front teeth?

have you ever thought about all of the things that we are able to say and do because we have two front teeth? i hadn't.

i walk around all day everyday taking for granted the ability to make the "th" or the "s" sound.
the ability to bite into a big crunchy pink lady apple or a sweet delicious buttery corn on the cob. the ability to smile without my lip getting caught on my canines :) or people looking at me funny...

what is completely horrible is that i have come to expect all these wonderful gifts as normal...
but last week God gave me a great opportunity to thank him for a lot of the things I have been taking for granted.... I will list a few ... :)

-- the ability to eat food and have it properly digested by my GI system
-- the strength and mental capacity to care for my children without fainting or passing out
-- my children's ability to sleep through the night without being plagued by sickness and poison ivy covering their body (yes even on the private parts :)

-- my brain's ability to calculate depth perception between my teeth and an approaching object...
-- having milk in the house both to drink and to soak my broken teeth (who knew?)

having an amazing dentist right here in my own home!
who takes such good care of us... in sickness and in health :)

so wonderful...

so talented and patient... in and out of the office :)

i have the greatest dentist and husband in the whole wide world :)

I have come to appreciate him and so many other pleasures after last week :)
God has been so so good to me!

In His presence there is fullness of joy! At His right hand is pleasures forever and ever! psalm 16:11