Friday, January 16, 2009

Noah gets his NAM!!

Noah got his NAM today and boy does he look sharp in it! NAM stands for nasoalveolar molding. It is an appliance that molds the hard and soft tissues of his lips and mouth into a better position for surgical correction to be performed later. Amy and Noah were at the prosthodontists office for several hours in order to get this thing in and adjusted correctly. Noah is handling the NAM better than we expected and he actually seems to feed better with it in. He will wear this appliance 24/7 for at least 3-4 months before he has his first surgery to correct his lip. We only take it out once a day to clean it and clean his mouth and that is not a fun experience for him!

Big yawn!

"I'm not sure about this thing..."

Tuckered out from a long.... day.


This is the NAM. It looks like a baby denture
with two beads on the front that allow us to 
attach rubber bands and tape.

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Kathy said...

Can we see some more pics of your sweet baby boy?! I LOVE how he's filling out! What a cute boy! He's a lucky little guy to have you two as parents :).