Monday, October 19, 2009

Dad's Birthday and other Happy Moments !

Dad is getting so old !

... but mom is still as young as ever :-)

yes, Stephanie, that is the same newborn Clemson shirt you gave him when he was born (that he wore home from the hospital 10 months ago!) little peanut :-)

not such the greatest fan of eating yet

precious boy!


Auntie A said...

We miss ya'll so much. Glad you posted some new pictures!!!!Hope to see you over the holidays.

Erica said...

He IS precious!!! Love him and his peanuty little self! Happy Birthday old man Chris!

Stephanie said...

are you SERIOUS???
do you realize Lucy is already growing out of all her newborn stuff?
Oh noo... poor girl is going to have a Big Girl complex at Christmas when she realizes she's bigger than her cousin who has lived twice as long as she has!! ;)

Stephanie said...

he is SO CUTE though, btw. I can't wait to hear his new little sounds :)

Kathy said...

I love these pictures of your precious boy!!!