Monday, April 11, 2011

so so sweet, at the beach!!

noah and dad building a castle :)

both so excited about this picture :)

precious girl!

love her!

notice noah and the stick :)

noah and the shovel


of all the things we could find at the beach... shells, sand dollars, hundred dollar bills....
noah finds a disgusting previously used flosser in the sand and attempts to use it ... definitely a dentist in the making... "only floss the ones you want to keep"

a flowered hat, the sun, a towel. a real girl :)

a shovel, a ball, the sand :) a real boy

i love them both so much :)

"and from the fullness of God, we have received grace upon grace." jn 1:16


Mandy Kimsey said...

Love them! So glad you got some more pics up!

Kathy said...

FINALLY!! :) Love your sweet babies!

belkgirlz3 said...

Amy u r such an awesome mom <3 Love seeing Eden and Noah's pic - they are so precious