Monday, August 15, 2011

we "built" a door

We decided to put up a glass door today. mainly because I could watch the sunshine around the door, the air conditioner go out and the bugs come in.

Chris told Noah that he could help, and Noah was stoked! J

“Noah’s going to build a big door, Noah’s going to help lift this heavy door and Noah’s going to help dad build with his hammer and Noah’s going to bang real hard and climb this ladder and the door is going to be SO BIG and Noah is going to use the toolbox and look out and see the tomatoes and the birds.”

Noah assisted in removing the screws from the packaging and placing them strategically in the grass, climbing up and down the ladder in between dad’s legs, dragging around the toolbox and walking across the glass door, banging the hammer. All the while saying “Noah is a very good helper to dad” J Nothing was safe in the hands of our little helper. The one hour project turned into a six hour project, but Noah got to hang out with dad.

What a pretty picture of my Christian life. Me, running around pretending to be very busy doing very ‘important’ things. Getting upset when the hammer or drill gun get taken away from me, because I really think I need these things to “help” God, not understanding that God is actually protecting me from myself (and a lot of other people) and that my purpose is not to “help” God (He can build the door all by Himself, a lot more quickly and more efficiently without me) No my purpose is not to help but to hang: to hang out with Him, to watch Him work, to enjoy what He enjoys, to see Him, to know Him, to become like Him.

Noah has no real grasp of what daddy is doing, he has no visual of what the finished product will be, but I have a glimpse. God is building something magnificent, so much more than a bug stopper, something eternal! of more weight and glory than we could ever imagine!

So when I get frustrated that God is taking away my toys, or that I have failed from being the best little "helper," I don't have to worry... God doesn't need me to put up the door; He never has.
because it's not about the door. it's about Dad J

Whatever was to my gain, I count as loss for the sake of Christ! I count everything a loss compared to the surpassing glory of knowing Christ! I consider everything else rubbish that I may gain Christ! and be found in Him! Phil 3:7,8

and this is eternal life: that you may know God! John 17:3


Melissa said...

Love this! Thank you!!

Lindsey said...

Hi there! I found your blog through a couple other blogs I read...and have continued to come back every now and again! This post today was truly beautiful and a gift from the Lord for me to see. Your faith is an awesome gift from our great Father and it has certainly been a blessing to me!!

Erica said...

Love love love you. Awesome post, love and miss you all.