Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Noah's Favorite Things!!

Mardi Gras Beads!

Strolling in the Park!

His Tongue!

Laughing at Dad!!

Sweeping.... the carpet :-)

his shadow!!

six o'clock! when dad gets home!

the great florida outdoors!





(ps...Because Noah still has a hole in his palate, he finds great joy in stuffing very large quantities of food in his mouth and letting them come out through his nose! bet you can't do that :-) )

...and because he is such a little tot (and so completely precious!!), I find a hard time telling him 'no' ... could you say 'no' to this sweet face? :-)


connie said...

I am counting the minutes before I see him again! and I won't be able to stop hugging him!

Kathy said...

and dancing WITH a tv remote... now, that's the MOST fun! :) He's adorable! xoxo

The Hendrix said...

oh Amy! i LOVED looking at those pictures!!! Please keep posting them! he is stinking adorable and growing up so fast!! Can't wait to see him again!