Thursday, March 25, 2010

First Family Fishing Trip!!

Noah watching the boys fix up the fishing lines!

laughing at dad :-)

watching the beautiful Florida sunset!

signing "please" for the fried chicken :-) ...because what's a fishing trip without fried chicken

sneaking into the fried chicken box

our first fish becomes Sushi!

Noah's first catch... who needs a fishing pole!

fork in hand, Noah is ready for a bigger fish

...checking for more meat! :-)

little 'fighter on the fork' still alive and kicking

Dad's catch! ...the one that got away :-)

our Florida family :-) the precious boys who are sharing their home with us !!


Mandy Kimsey said...

I love it! And the monkey looks good...

Erica said...

Oh how fun!!! I want to go fishing!! Why did Chris' fish get away?? Did you really eat the raw fish? Really????

Kathy said...

we have a monkey, too!!!! love it!

Nicole said...

Oh my goodness - cutest little fisherman I've EVER SEEN!!! :) What a happy little guy!