Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Friendly Pirate and the beach :)

no, Chris is not the pirate, but doesn't he look cute with his beard! (for those of you
who disagree, don't worry, it only lasted a day) :-)

Noah and the stick!

Noah and the carrot!

my favorite two people!!

Noah is still one!!

and loving his dad!

and really happy!

i'm a big fan!

Noah's first super fun pair of sunshades!

noah, my precious pirate!

isn't he just the cutest!!


Erica said...

Yes yes yes he is THE CUTEST!!! Can't wait to see you!!

milton said...

Wow...he definitely is the cutest pirate I ever saw! I can't wait to take him to Disney World and go on 'Pirates of the Caribean' and all the other rides. I am concerned that I might spoil him when he comes back to Charleston...nah. We're going to have a wonderful time!