Saturday, November 6, 2010

Noah's First Trip to the Fair!

Matt, Ashley, and the crew :)

Noah never expected to see his first camel and elephant at the fair

random place for a camel and elephant, but Noah enjoyed it :)

so much to see!!

the lights!

the cows!

the goats!

the fair food!

the tractors!



Erica said...

Thank you for the pictures. I love your hair. I miss you all. Love the baby bump. Praying for Eden Grace!

milton said...

I cannot believe that we weren't there! He is so wonderful and he looks like he really enjoyed seeing those animals in real life that he been reading about in his books. He is so cute...

love Poppop and Bebe

Kathy said...

okay, Noah sure has been at the fair for a long time now! Time for a new post mommy :)