Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Since the Fair :)

so, I have gotten a couple of comments from people wondering about our very long sabbatical at the fair :) here is a little update on the last 2 months since our journey to the fair :)

eden grace at 34 weeks!!

a trip to charlotte to see matt and steph and sweet lucy

noah picking out his very first Christmas tree!!

decorating with mom :)

noah reciting Exodus 2:25 "God heard the groaning of His people and God remembered His covenant... God saw and God knew." Christmas: a celebration of God's fulfillment of His covenant... in Jesus!

Aunt Tuck teaching Noah and Lucy how to play the piano!

Noah's first Christmas in Charleston!

Christmas Morning!!

new red radio flyer tricycle with a bell :) !!

... since our feet can't quite touch the peddles yet....

now we are anxiously awaiting our new little bundle of joy who should arrive in the next month!! can't wait to see you my little eden grace :)

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